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Friday, September 5, 2014

Rock the Casbah

In the course of about a week, I realized I'd gone from "militant shit happens" to "kill the lot of them" regarding ISIL, which is obviously, a big-ass turnaround.

I don't actually want a war with ISIL. I just think it's happening anyway. When Vice-President Biden says we will follow ISIS to the Gates of Hell, he's being the "nudge" that telegraphs where the debate is. And if it has to happen because the ball is rolling and tongues have starting writing checks that American asses will have to cash, I pretty damn well want to see a thorough job of it. And I'm coming around to the idea that there is something very poisonous about this particular group.

They spread their territory quickly and cast their influence wide (they have tentacles in Egypt and Libya), in some ways superseding al-Qaeda's influence in the hip'n'with-it fucking shit up set. They aren't pre-modern shit-fucker-uppers: they're POMO. They're attracting young westerners who aren't necessarily that well-versed yet in the particulars of their faith by promising them meaning by attaching the figure of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to a grand concept of a caliphate, which is basically crazypants. If he's the 12th imam, I'm Mary Poppins. But in any case, this shit is moving too quickly, and quite possibly in some disturbing directions.

This group just doesn't seem to have a good side. It's not like you can say: "If not for the kidnappings, the massacres, the rapes, and the ethnic cleansing, there's so much good they could be doing."  They are down with some sick destructive ethos, and as far as I'm concerned, I don't think we have time for that.  It  doesn't make us on the side of Assad, or Iran, it just means we can all basically agree these guys are something else, and letting them prosper is letting good folks die.

We can settle up with anyone else later. But there's reasons to nip these characters right off now. And I think comparing them to Aum Shinrikyo or any other cult fixated on death isn't far wrong. They are absurd. But more is needed than simply trying to make sense of them.


Formerly Amherst said...

Hi Vixen, good post.

Biden may be re-defining the argument for Democrats, but on the right we are already there.

Welcome to the new initiative. I pray we do not drop the ball. Some things demand politicization, but we get so caught up in politics that we forget many things we need to meet as a unified country.

I live in a border state, and ISIS is coming across the border with illegals. They are in contact with drug cartels that make billions of dollars a year and have no limitations on what they can afford. The Zetas are an important drug gang that were originally trained by American special forces. They decided to detach themselves from the Sinaloa cartel and operate on their own. They cut off as many heads as ISIS, and then like to hang them from bridges and other places that offer colorful display.

The border is one of those areas where necessity clashes with political agendas and makes the United States a lot less safe and turns our citizens into prey.

Is there any confusion about why I am down on political parties?

Vixen Strangely said...

There's a reasonable question about why the US is willing to militarize against ISIL, but isn't in a hurry over equally barbaric gangs just outside/inside our borders:

I wish I had an answer for that, because it would mean I thought political figures made rational conjectures about things. Rick Perry recently tried to explain that he thought ISIL was capable of making inroads in the US across the border, and was made a figure of fun because of it. I know there is some downright lunacy broadcast by figures like Louie Gohmert.

But when it is more plausibly broadcast that there is a possibility ISIL reps could enter the US via the border, I get a little concerned.

I still say, ISIS connected or not--Sinaloa and them are bad news and we need to find a way to target the folks who have actually ensured that a way greater number of our citizens are fucked up addicted to heroin. When I thought about Central American drugs, I used to think about MJ and Cocaine--not heroin. Those drugs are almost livable compared to heroin.

This bitch-ass impasse where Obama is allegedly extending a deportation amnesty to avoid Congress doing their thing avoids the scenario where, under Boehner, there is no certainty about whether the house would even try to do anything about immigration and the border. I don't know if they can't get their shit together in an election year, or they just don't understand how to formulate a cogent plan to secure the border and plausibly halt illegal immigration and drugs.

I feel like some conservatives can talk about potential crises, but they aren't good at promoting logical plans to fix them. Liberals are good at making bureaucratic plans, but aren't always seeing all the problems. This is why I wish we had better communication. We could be more effective at confronting the problems we really have if we communicated better. If liberals were better aware of warnings. If conservatives were more accepting of group solutions. I think political parties kind of hand us fake solutions, but aren't up for tackling things in a controversial but systematic and effective way.

And yet, if anyone talked to us like adults, we might even sanction hard calls, like violence. Just because we understood why. It would just be nice if we were briefed and given the opportunity to sign off--democratically. It's why I'd rather like additional strikes on ISIL to be Congress-sanctioned. It would make it seem so much more unified.

Formerly Amherst said...

Hi Vixen, I think Fred, an American living permanently in Mexico, pretty well sums up our situation with immigration:
I don't think he deals with the criminal element to the extent that is required. Conservatives have been insisting through 2 administrations that the border is sealed before a new immigration policy is enacted. This has never been acceptable to many groups and politcians, but it still seems to be realistic to me when you consider the numbers and might and financial power of drug cartels.

I'm very pleased with Italian immigration into the United States (a hat tip to your husband), but it also gave us La Cosa Nostra. This has been true with every immigrant group that has left their own country to come here: for example, Vietnamese gangs pioneered the home invasion robbery. They will duct-tape a baby to a wall and then fire around the baby until the parents go out and drain their ATM accounts. My view is that this could all be avoided, but politicians being what they are, I do not hold out hope.

You will also notice that Fred says the border states will eventually all belong to Mexico again. We already have radical Hispanic elements calling for that, although these matters seldom reach the national news. And ranchers along the border are being forced out by drug cartels. I expect in 10 years the cartels will control or own land on both sides of the border. A new president with a serious desire to protect American citizens could forestall a lot of this.
This will be the last time you hear from me for a while. In a couple of days I go for rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder (all that boxing), so I'll be away from the computer for a while. It's entirely possible that I won't be able to say hello to you until after the elections, and by then we will be living in a different world politically.

Vixen, despite our political differences I think we have been able to get along pretty well, and I even think we have shown that conservatives and liberals can share a lot of interests and enjoy each others' company despite the differences. I think the world could use a lot more of that these days and a lot less of the hatred.

Take care of yourself, and it would be a good idea to get a .32 caliber or .380 and learn how to shoot it. We're going to be awash in drug criminals.

Vixen Strangely said...

Good luck with the surgery. Your voice will will be missed--take care of yourself, too.