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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Philadelphia is not yet fully civilized--

There was a genuinely horrific beating on a gay male couple in Center City Philadelphia this past Thursday. The perpetrators don't look like some kind of cretins. They just actually are.

Even  hip young things aren't always already schooled in "How to not assault people who are different from you." The stereotypes about whether they are more accepting of others and whatnot is not always borne-out. You could hope we have less homophobia about, but apparently, some people just aren't ready to fit in with polite society.

I like to think that as a middle-age urban person, I am rubbing shoulders with people who aren't actually knuckle-dragging and knuckle-swinging cultural troglodytes who express their limited understanding and fears about things they don't understand via fist-to-face telegraph. Apparently, however, fist-swinging low-brows can assume a disguise as normal people and behave in thoroughly fucked-up ways.

I wish I were more shocked, is all. These dumb-asses need to be so busted they creep from now on.

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Vixen Strangely said...

Update: the human horrorshows who did this have been found by internet sleuths and are now claiming self-defense.

Because a group of a dozen or so is very intimidated by two gay guys of course! (/sarcasm)