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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Meet the Press: The Optical Delusion

Just to follow up on the previous post, Chuck Todd made a fairly silly error in not noticing that President Obama (the Big "Get" interview for his debut, no less!) actually said "Syria" four times before Chuck Todd "noticed" that he had not mentioned Syria. Expect for those four times.

What did Chuck Todd get more granular about--oh, the optics of golfing. What, no follow-up questions about the tan suit? Oh, I kid. I've gotten my own digs in about golfing, but funny thing is--I don't actually get to interview presidents, so sometimes, golf is what I've got. Chuck Todd has the POTUS right there. He could probably get something more substantive.

I think the problem is what I will call an "optical delusion", where conventional Beltway wisdom colors everything. Todd's Syria question comes from the popular misinterpretation of the lack of "strategy in Syria" (per POTUS) with a lack of desire to get one.

What he should have said, rendered into Washingtonese, is  "We in the White House are currently considering all of our options in Sria and are leaving nothing off the table. When we have adequate information, we will make known our plans to the American people."  It's the formulaic way of putting war-golems to sleep until further instruction.

Obama speaks Washingtonese like a gifted, but recent, speaker. He doesn't stroke the right appendages. Todd, sadly, is already mad-fluent. In other words, the show is going much like I expected, only without  Luke Russert, unless I missed him.

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The war industrial complex must be served. And Obama has served it well. They just want to make sure he stays on his toes for them for the rest of his term.