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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Climate Sunday: Awareness is Just a Start

The above is just a clip from this evening's episode of Cosmos dedicated to climate change, and this episode genuinely delivered on discussing in depth the actual state of the science of climate change, establishing the history of what scientists have been looking at, debunking the claims that solar activity might be to blame for the warming, and of course, laying out the distinction between climate and weather. But also of importance, Tyson explained the genuinely great potential that exists for clean energy sources like wind and solar power to not just meet our needs--but to reliably provide what we need, and more when we come to that.

Basically, this episode of Cosmos was all the things I try to do with making "Climate Sunday" posts; it raised awareness of the problem, dropped knowledge about how the problem is ongoing, and provided a sense that solutions were totally possible. And I am glad that shows like this and Showtime's Years of Living Dangerously  exist to get people aware. But it's like being aware someone is having a heart attack--we can't passively watch and be sad about it--you need to dial 911.

President Obama is dialling 911. And he will get grief for doing this basically right thing that he actually has to do.  So I just want to express a little support for the cause of actually thinking keeping our planet liveable is a thing our world leaders should do.  And cast some shade at the people who find excuses for why we simply "can't". We can because we have to.

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