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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Benghazi Suspect Captured; Timing Questioned

After nearly two years, a suspect in the attack on the US diplomatic facility in Benghazi has been captured by US troops and law enforcement to be interrogated and to face trial in a US court.

If this was a healthy country where our dialogue wasn't corrupted to the point where even good news gets shat upon, we would think this is great, because now we'll get to the bottom of things and justice will be done in our justice system, which is how we, as a country, are supposed to legally settle things.

But no. There are GOP critics, who should know better, I'd think, that want us to not at all read this suspect his rights (violating what I will call the "Law and Order" Rule, which is, if anyone has ever seen an episode of the tv show "Law and Order", it is impossible for them to not know they have certain rights anyway--and everyone eventually sees an episode of "Law and Order"). And prefer to throw this particular miscreant in Gitmo because, wink wink, nudge nudge, I guess, we can interrogate him better there. For a value of "better" that I might call not particularly morally better, and I kind of hope we don't do that sort of thing...anymore.

But I think the worst of the spoilsport lot are the "timing truthers", who are alleging that the timing of the capture of this particular terror suspect has to do with, I kid you not, some kind of PR? Coinciding with? So help me, I don't think the warm feels over this are going to eclipse whatever is going on in Iraq and no one plans an operation to arrest an alleged terrorist to heat up a book tour for a possible 2016 Presidential contender. Who can do book sales all on her own, thank you. That outlook is just weird, and kind of insulting to our troops and law enforcement who participated in that mission.

And also--really? If the Obama Administration times things--let's look at the latest Benghazi-based blogfull as of only this morning: Peak Wingfoolery at Heritage--the UnThink Tank! Maybe this happened to show what an earnest effort to get to the bottom of a murderous event looks like, instead of eight or nine (depending upon how you count them) ass-grabbing bitchfests about talking points.

About which--uh, well yeah, it was about the video. Why wouldn't it have been?

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