Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, May 5, 2014

Climate Sunday: What is happening here?

Should it surprise anyone that the kinds of people who want fracking solution to be proprietary and plump for sealed settlements for whenever they actually do get caught poisoning people, should decide to work on a state level to weaken the effort of the EPA whenever they try to make sure we have breathable air and drinkable water?

There's a reason they work on the state level--they might win a round where local players might see a payoff. And the people who would be stuck with the pollution, the spent land, the air quality repercussions, are presumed to be the folks who would never pay attention anyway. So if you kind of wonder what is happening around you and why--here it is: really smart people were drafted to propagandize a situation in which it was totally permissible to poison you, and called it "job-creation". And they were so good at it that it worked. And if you live in a rural area or a coal, gas, oil mining/drilling area, you are probably a little bit poisoned. And the people you think are saving you from socialism are the people who basically poisoned you by working to zone that shit.

Mad yet? Wanna try? Because collective effort called voting could mean getting people who care about the environment to work for you--not against you. And that might be worthwhile, a little, no?

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