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Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Little Reminder This International Workers' Day

 There are people who do not think that a day's work should be necessarily compensated by anything above a miserable subsistence.

Actually, I can't say for certain that Sen. Coburn actually thinks anything. Free market principles would drive down costs in a buyers' market, unless I'm mistaken, which means that the labor of a human being could be had for food and a straw mat on the floor to rest on once the system has worked its merry way on to the floor. And there have been people working under just those very conditions. That is why people have marched and fought for the basic respect and dignity of their work--to be compensated enough to actually live on. If this is a vision that Sen. Coburn thinks is fine and dandy for the mass of humanity then I would say he has the outlook of a slaver to go along with the morals of a pimp.

I can not fathom the kind of audacious idiocy that might suppose having no floor on wages would somehow result in a better quality of life for anyone but the masters job creators.

But maybe he just worries that the American worker could become too dependent upon the idea that anything should be invested in keeping his or her body and soul together and make ridiculous demands for such basics as food and water. As if we were animals. As if even working human animals deserved enough to eat.  Hah!

The lowest bid for a worker's day labor would be a hole in the ground, and not even another person's labor to cover one. This is the pernicious philosophy that people have to organize or at least be on guard against.

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