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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Oath Breakers and the Command Structure of Bundy Ranch

Now, I don't think you could do more justice to the general disarray of the various groups under #TeamBundy than my fellow Rumproast blogger Bette Noir's overview,but I just want to post a riff about that one inside video:

The whole damn thing has been a killzone since Day One, and these Oath Keeper folks who left are subject to not being allowed back and also some pretty nasty Facebook posts. And some of those guys are provocateurs, because they can't be trusted which means they should be distrusted--got all that? This idea that there might be people afoot to undermine the tribe at Camp Bundy is probably part of the freedom-loving checkpoints they've set up to make sure that all the local through-traffic is actually local people. I actually think "doing nothing" is the most sensible strategy the government can have with these folks. Their mind-created monsters are bad enough, and may have them do more than enough harm.

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