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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Man Who Wasn't There?

This summary at Crooks & Liars highlights what I find the actually interesting thing about 60 Minutes' story of Morgan Jones' (Dylan Davies') derring-do on the night of the attack:

After the program aired, Fox News' correspondent Adam Housley revealed that he had spoke with Jones on the phone a number of times, but the conversations ended when "he asked for money." 
Jones' new book written about the attacks, "The Embassy House," was released this week by a publisher with ties to CBS, a disclosure not included in the "60 Minutes" segment. 
Damien Lewis, who co-authored Jones' book, was unaware of the incident report submitted to Blue Mountain but offered one possible explanation to the Washington Post
“All I can presume, and again I’m speculating, is that his boss told him to stay in the villa and not go anywhere. So he would have penned a report and said he had done what was ordered."
 It is a good story, though, isn't it? It's a story that people were looking for. I'm intrigued that it wasn't a story that Fox News would pay for. I wonder if 60 Minutes would be so diligent as to follow up. Or is the story too good?

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