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Friday, November 1, 2013

Profiles in Theocracy--now With Birtherism!

Here's Senator Ted Cruz's father:

Wow, right? Co-blogger Bette Noir at Rumproast did a bang-up job covering his obnoxious brand of Christian Dominionism, which might explain how Cruz the younger got so...le's call it dedicatedly destructive, hmm?  That "send Obama back to Kenya" line, while I see how it can be construed as more of a "America, love (my particular conservative version of it) or leave it", sure sounds to me like he's appealing to just the kind of people who seem to "believe" that Obama is not a legitimate president because he's not "American" enough for them., and no evidence will convince them that he is, not a birth certificate, not the fact that millions of people voted for him in two presidential elections.

I find the whole "Christian Nation" canard basically eliminationist. It excludes not just non-Christians, but people who aren't the "right kind of Christian". It's been promoted by grifters like Glenn Beck because it supports an attitude of gullible, bunker-hunkering conspiracy-mindedness (check out this Alamo fearmongering from the folks who worry about a UN takeover), and David Barton, who is possibly running for US Senate and who is not a real historian, but a pusher of pablum to people who just can't believe their narrow view of the world wasn't the Founders' ideal.

It genuinely bothers me when people like this are given credibility.

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Grung_e_Gene said...

This how you convince poor whites to support Republicans. Just as with the antebellum south, poor white people are told that while the rich reap all the benefits of the government while the poor whites die younger, watch their children struggle, with poverty, no education, bad health and no prospects at least they aren't Kenyans!