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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh CBS--Why are you not Newsing Correctly?

I have been hypercritical of the 60 Minutes Benghazi story because I do indeed care about whether our major news outlets get news right. I'm a blogger. I don't have a staff, or an organization. I depend on my solid news sources to get things right so I can riff on them, and when they screw up--they might screw me up. That's dumb. I need my solid news sources to really be decent. So when I know CBS is doing news wrong, I worry--

Here's CBS.

According to Chao, the two modules the CBS report referenced are not currently active on the exchange website and that neither module used personally identifiable information.
Connolly, while questioning Chao on Wednesday, implied that the partial leaked transcript came from Republican committee staff. 
“So when CBS Evening News ran its report based on a leak, presumably from the [Republican] staff, but we don't know — of a partial transcript — excerpts from a partial transcript — they said the security issues raised in the document, and I quote, 'could lead to identity theft among buying insurance,' that cannot be true based on what we established in our back and forth. Is that correct?” Connolly asked during the hearing, as quoted by the Washington Post. 
Chao responded that Connolly was correct.

 Um--the bottom line is that personal info isn't used? And can't be? Am I just being ridiculous? That would be good news. Is CBS missing this? Why are they trusting leaks from GOP staffers without checking them?

I wonder about whether my news sources are any good.

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