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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jesus H. Christ and George W. Bush.

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was grousing about the vague possibility that we had an actual president in office who was some kind of end-times nutter, and wasn't that a freaking joke and a half, huh? Because really, what sort of guy would take a country to war in the middle east and prolong it indefinitely with incendiary "crusades" like east vs west language, and overpronate, if you will, on his spiritual walk by generally assuming that, as the Lizard King himself chanted, the "West is the Best"?  

Well, out of office, George W Bush is still probably some kind of end-times nutter, only in this case, a converting of the Jews because that isn't even remotely offensive to Jesus type. 

I have a really specific opinion regarding GWB: he can shut up forever. Also people who can shut up forever: people who want to find President Obama's Katrina, or his Iraq War, or his other equivalent of Bush fail.  He will not ever reach the fringes of Bush fail. Bush fail is a messianic fail. Bush fails like prophecy. Bush fails like fail was his job. And if he was buying into apocalypse: maybe his fails were deliberate?

Think about that, and try to have a nice day.

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