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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Getting to Know Ted, Getting to Know Ted's Dad

Probably the most exciting political figure I have come across this year isn't even a person running for anything at all--Ted Cruz' dad. Sure, he may have anointed his son as a king in the end-times wealth transfer that will come about as a part of the ultimate war between good and evil, where by good, we mean Smuggy McJudgersons and by evil we mean Commie McLibsymps, but anyways, you have to totally not at all notice that Rafael Cruz really did pray that no weapon shall be made, etc. over his boy to kind of notice he was being chosen in a way no person on the left ever christened one Barack Obama. We really have not called him a god. We just like his policies a bit more than conservative ones. It is really quite not-a-religious thing.

But when we get to looking at claims that Rafael Cruz knows that evolution is a brainwashing lie to kill God and LGBT relationships are all fake, you kind of start thinking this guy, right? What is with this guy?

Because those things aren't even making sense, are they? Evolution is the theory without which none of current biology makes any sense, and his understanding of adaptations as just mutations without context is like intentionally not understanding how species evolve. And if you want to know about LGBT relationships, um, try talking to LGBT people. (He obviously has not.)

The reason I link to all this is because Ted Cruz is a US senator that everyone and his/her/their sibling says is maybe running for president. And here's the catch--when it is brought up that Cruz the father is kind of a nutter, the response sounds like:

UPDATE: After this story was posted, Sean Rushton, a spokesman for Sen. Ted Cruz sent the following response: "Sen. Cruz loves and supports his father, even though their views and perspectives are not always the same. The Constitution protects Mr. Corn's right to embrace whatever faith he chooses—or no faith whatsoever—but, it is unfortunate that his agenda would call for the public condemnation of Christian pastors who pray verbatim from the Bible (namely, Isaiah 54:17)."
Is it really not possible to criticize the actual words coming out of Pastor Cruz' mouth without condemning all Christian pastors? I do wonder about the phrase "Ted Cruz loves and supports his father, even though their views and perspectives are not always the same." I do think that should be clarified, no? I would like to know, exactly where they differ, especially if he is running for president, someday. I'd like to know exactly where he'd draw the line between love and support, and recognizing what is offensive and uninformed.

The voters deserve to know. Insofar as those who support Ted's dad are Ted's supporters as well, it would be very interesting to see where he draws the line.

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