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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dinesh D'Souza, Racist Butt

Now, D'Souza deleted the above Tweet, but sort of wants people to think that it wasn't that wrong to use Trayvon Martin as the punchline in a comment criticizing the president. Didn't President Obama compare himself to Trayvon Martin?  

When we, in America, like to talk about what a democratic and egalitarian society we have, we sometimes say "Anyone could grow up to become President someday." Barack Obama grew up to become president. Trayvon Martin will not.  Dinesh D' Souza seems to imply that there is a problem with someone like Trayvon Martin becoming a grown man in this country, and anyone like him becoming president someday. 

This nation is big and great enough to survive an adult in the White House, for a change, Mr. D'Souza. Has Mr. D'Souza ever considered being an adult, himself? Then he might take responsibility for the nonsense of claiming that there is something staggering in the anticolonialism of the son of a Kenyan--when the basic inheritance of our American Revolution is soaking in anticolonialism? Maybe the author of The End of Racism might care to develop an appreciation for the degree to which racism is not ended when a dead boy's name is used as a throwaway line to describe a president who is "survived" by a nation, as if his presidency was some tragic affair? 

I suppose the degree to which racism has become a byword associated with ignorance and hate makes it a repugnant term or loaded word to some. As it should be. What D'Souza said was ignorant and hateful. If he prefers it not be called racist--fine, but it still is what it is. Ugly.

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