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Saturday, September 21, 2013

All Over Lil' Ol' Obamacare, Too

So, I went looking for what I think is the banner thing--the symbol--the geegollysothatswhatdoneitall failure to communicate that we have here. And I came across this:

Now, that voiceover is the Once and Future Rex Ronaldus Magnus, telling all us heathens about how the Founding Fathers wouldn't have stood for no Medicare, no way, no how. You know, the Medicare that has become so much a way of doing things in this country that the last Republican president actually expanded the pharmaceutical coverage under it and the last Republican candidate for president used a fear that President Obama might cut Medicare as one of his biggest scare lines. Medicare, the thing that some na├»ve Tea Folk might hope the government keeps its hand the hell off of.

After 41 attempts to defund, repeal, or otherwise fool with Obamacare, for crying in the soup, sore loser Republicans, can we please get past the Louie Gohmert fucking line of deliberate ignorance?

Because it is no longer 2009. This question is for Republicans in the House: You somehow got enough people into the House of Representatives to make a go of expressing your sorry-ass displeasure that the private health insurance that many people get through paying lots of money in premiums for, or otherwise work for as part of their employment package, is now extended to less-funded individuals, rather in the way Heritage designed it and Romneycare first enacted it some time ago. You never did get enough senators to repeal it, though. So what gives?

Republicans, you LOST. Why do we all have to be losers like the Republican Party now, also, too?  Why are you now threatening food stamps and farm subsidies and veterans benefits and Social Security and all the other programs that remind America that it's the government they voted for that always had their backs, and the financial backers of you all that never did? Are you really that insulated from reality? Do you not realize that most Americans can't come up with an unexpected $2k in an emergency, and that a medical emergency is easily that much or more?

Now, if John Boehner had the stones or sobriety to tell you all this, I guess he could have briefed the freshman folks in 2011 and we might be in a different place right now.  And as it is, I know good and well there technically will be no GOP congresspeople who read my blog.

But if any do: a government shutdown is actually more expensive than Obamacare. The CBO says so. Don't be a Gohmert.  If you are literate, you can check that out. Also, if you worry about what the debt does to the economy, you should fucking see what a default would do. It isn't pretty. I recommend reading books sometimes. They help. Or even non-conservative blogs

Obamacare is not either Communism or a Muslim Brotherhood plot. If you check out the Constitution, actually having a functioning government that pays its bills is in it. So is the authority of Congress to enact laws for the general welfare of people. It's just this thing, okay? One Congress voted it in, you can't vote it out, suck it up and get on with it.

Um. I think that covers it. /End Rant.

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