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Thursday, May 9, 2013

You Know, Goldberg Presciently Already has this Covered

You know, one of the problems with not being able to post as much as I liked the past couple (days? weeks? years? There's always so much to say!) is that I feel like I'm playing catch-up sometimes. I literally can not cover all the things that make me take notice. But this Jason Richwine business is something else.  Now, I could dip back into my archives on race regarding Murray, Sullivan, and Pat Buchanan, and just generally reiterate my disgust with the persistence of race-based theories of IQ and the staggering privilege it takes to utilize that theme as if presenting something bold or useful when it's more like 'in-your-face" and "self-serving" pretty much all the time.

But I will now chill, because the line of reasoning that Richwine is peddling does have a pedigree in conservative circles from time immemorial (aha--this is a useful meme!)  Or rather, we remember the time, but I think I'll refrain from going there. Such lines of reasoning still being too much with us and all that.

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Grung_e_Gene said...

See it was proved by White Race Scientists in the 19th century that those extra pigmentation drains brain cells, thus pig-mentally challenged Whites have bigger brains and are smarter.