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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

They Don't Make'em Like They Used To

I dunno. I sat back yesterday following links from Twitter, and then did the same thing this evening. It seems to me that the problem with following three "scandals" at once is that, when they all start to kind of unravel a little (can I still complain that the "oppression" of the Tea Party groups was being harassed with...paperwork? And that they were by no means alone in being looked into?) I just can't keep up. It seems to me that the story that has the biggest hole blown in it is the Benghazi talking points issue. And I'm not even all that sure that the GOP is that interested in pursuing the AP phone records story, especially since they were the ones who were demanding that the administration do something about the leaks, and I'm not entirely sure at the end of the day that this First Amendment issue is such a great deal for them if it means they have to make an argument against doing something in the name of national security. I guess the IRS story will have staying power because the IRS is a perennial bad guy and the Tea Party types get to play martyr (because they had to do...paperwork).  But it's a little dry, isn't it? And it really looks more like a bureaucratic cock-up than an abuse of power, at this point, anyway.

And yet I don't anticipate that it's all going to wind down so that we can go back to talking about the sequester and debt ceilings and stuff like that. I'm just wondering how the GOP is going to keep the plates spinning even while they break.


upyernoz said...

not to stretch your metaphor too much, but they will keep the plates spinning by denying that any are broken.

facts don't matter. they're not going to admit that there are any weaknesses in their claims, just as they haven't given an inch on benghazi no matter what comes (or doesn't come) out.

all they have to do is yell on teevee about how the administration isn't being forthcoming and must be hiding something, "it's not the crime it's the cover-up" they'll say even when there doesn't seem to be any crime. the GOP will never stop trying to talk about this stuff. hell, they still haven't stopped talking about "fast and furious" even though the mainstream press just isn't all that interested.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

There's plenty of real scandals. For instance, the Obama-Holder DOJ is a complete disgrace.

But the GOP and our corporate media agree with letting Wall Street away with the crime of the century, so nothing to see...

Here's the thing though: Eventually, the economy will get worse again, and with unemployment at 7.5% right now, you can imagine how ugly that will be. And so the corporatist Dems will pass the baton back to the corporatist goopers, having insured that no actual liberal economic remedies were ever attempted.

The Party Is Over: How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I wonder how much of it is meant to keep the "Watergate 40th Anniversary" coverage down to a minimum, and to create false equivalences.

It's funny, there's some pushback- the first two callers into NPR's Diane Rehm show call-in portion were totally cool with the IRS Tea Party investigation.