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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Terror and the Humanity

 There isn't much I can say just yet about the horror that occured today in Boston, except to point out that in this short clip you see the example of the worst people can do to one another, in the form of the blast that spilled so much blood, and the best of humanity in those who rush to help those who had been injured, throwing aside the fencing to make it easier for emergency aid to get to them.

Otherwise, I'm pretty well sickened by what certainly looks like devices planned to cause the most amount of carnage, and I absolutely wouldn't speculate about who would do such a thing. I understand the nature of people to see things (conspiracies, blame) in events like this--we are reasoning beings, and we want events to make sense. The more horrific an act, the more we want to make sense of it, so that we can feel that the world is not a senseless place. But even if it's an understandable response, it isn't helpful, and I've read a share and a half of nonsense today, already. So at least I won't add to it.

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