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Friday, March 1, 2013

This is something Sarah Palin Just Tweeted--

I have a vague idea that this means something, and I am unsure what. I'm posting it because, yeah, skookums media. What about the 170 million jobs?


upyernoz said...

apparently "skookum" is a word that is used in the pacific northwest of the u.s. and canada. it's a chinook word that entered into anglo usage to mean something positive, like "good," "brave," "powerful," or "hard working."

so it looks like palin was trying to be sarcastic when she referred to the "skookums media."

before i googled the word just now, i had never heard of "skookum", which means i actually learned something from sarah palin!

Yastreblyansky said...

Skookums! Sounded like an endearment. I found out about the 170 million jobs--it's something Maxine Waters said, and of course it's wrong (there aren't that many jobs in the US), and the right wing is in a hysterical fit of "Oh she's so stupid". The Internets are so clogged with it that I haven't been able to find any response by Waters herself, but I'll keep trying.

Yastreblyansky said...

Here we go: This is from Charles C.W. Cooke (that's Charles Christopher Wiggleston Cookie-Crumblesworth) at NRO, a response from Waters's office:

I just noticed a post by National Review On-Line contributor Charles C. W. Cooke about House Financial Services Committee Ranking Member Water’s obvious slip of the tongue (she accidentally said 170 million , when she meant 170 thousand) when referring to the number of jobs that may be lost as a result of sequestration.

I think this was below your standards, and hope you’ll reconsider the post.

Eric Orner

Deputy Communications Director
Financial Services Committee
Representative Maxine Waters, Ranking Member

Yastreblyansky said...

Of course Sarah thinks it's the most hilarious thing since Todd got an appearance on Alaska's Funniest Home Videos, because just imagine an elected official being wrong about something! So much funnier when it's a woman too! And is there anything else comical about Maxine Waters that makes it especially enjoyable to scream about how ignorant she is? Some respect in which she is visibly different from Palin?