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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Michele Bachmann is Literally Making Things up

I know, she has definitely been rolling lately, but this clip is a nice little window on how she does her thing:

Literally killing people? As in, when you go to a doctor, which you can afford because you have health insurance now, the doctor can say, "Sorry, according to the government I actually have to kill you." Because obviously, the government is demanding that doctors do that. Which is why Congress tried to repeal Obamacare over thirty times and every time, they kept it. Because by and large, they agree with people being literally killed by affordable medical care.

In case my snark is not transparent enough--I don't think so.

Maybe, just maybe, it literally makes no sense that vulnerable women and children would be harmed by a policy that ensures they get coverage they can afford. And maybe, since there really aren't any changes to Medicare bigger than, I dunno, eliminating the so-called "donut hole"--it doesn't literally kill seniors, either. Maybe some tweaks are needed, but overall, it's better than the status quo ante. (For Michele Bachmann, that means, the system we had before, where more people were uninsured.) And as we get to 2014 and beyond, more people are liable to realize that this kind of "Oh noes, womens and childrens to the lifeboats!" stuff doesn't hold water.

The thing of super sadz for Bachmann is, she was the Teaparty Caucus superstar. But she can't even party like it's 2009 anymore, because the Tea Party Caucus barely exists, and Bachmann's own 2012 hopes died a lip-bitingly embarassing death early in the primaries. She held onto her congressional seat--just. But who knows what tomorrow will bring?

If tomorrow's name was "Michele Bachmann", the answer would be "more crazy".  Let's just see how this works for her.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

"I ate a corn dog this big!"

Grung_e_Gene said...

Why shouldn't she just make up stuff? she's been re-elected 3 times. She got invited to service the men at during the Republican Presidential Nomination Circus. She never faces criticism on the House floor, nor from the media whom she just runs away from.

It's win-win-win-wi-win for her all the time.

upyernoz said...

it's not completely win-win for her. she won't ever be president, for example. and while there has been talk about her possibly running for a MN senate seat (maybe Al Frankin's in 2014), if she got the GOP nomination in that race it would be the best thing that could possibly happen for the dems.

bachmann has basically gotten as far as she can with her schtick. which is pretty impressive considering what that schtick is, but my impression is that she wants to go further. and i just don't think that is going to work.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

But who knows what tomorrow will bring?

She won't be pried that easily from her gerrymandered district. If she ever decides to retire, she'll be the logical successor to Phyllis Schlafly. At any rate, the grift will go on, and she'll continue to feather her nest by playing to the rubes.

okjimm said...

well, gees, of course she makes it up. She has to keep pace with Sarah Palin.
Michele can see Canada from her porch....and all the dead Canadians that died of a failed Health Care system. Gees....