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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blogroll Amnesty Weekend

I am philosophically copacetic with the idea of Blogroll Amnesty, as explained by Vagabond Scholar and following in the tradition set forth by Jon Swift.  In keeping with the mood of not self-snarking on relative size, I will aver I genuinely know the value of small blogs as well as anyone without documenting how genuinely well that is (anyone who is curious can quantify that by clicking my public Sitemeter link).

In light of my relative footprint, this is the first time I'm posting regarding Blogroll Amnesty Day (or Weekend), mostly spurred on by my having been linked by Big Bad Bald Bastard, my Rumproast comrade, at his eponymous blog,  while explaining that my blogroll, slender as it currently is, is a work in progress only of late guided by the following principles: Like a blog, link a blog, and, Link as you have been linked by. I hope to expand on this going forward, in the tradition of Tengrain and other great supporters of small blogs like mine.

For me, blogging is a way of keeping in touch with my voice with a lot of random people on the internet when I don't always have people in my own life to talk to about the things I think with. It's a way of sharing my outlook on things and keeping my head up by finding other people who share my point of view, or at least, respect it. I enjoy reading blogs because it's awesome to hear different points of view, sometimes expressed in stand-out ways I wouldn't have considered, whether in snark or with a Photoshop.

I don't have a list of small (or smaller) bloggers that I'm linking to today--but I'm requesting my readers watch that space over to the right--my blogroll?  I expect to be updating regularly as I continue this blogular journey. And as my digital footprint expands, I hope to be a better blogosphere citizen.

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upyernoz said...

i think blogrolls are a lot less important than they used to be, mostly because they don't appear on the mobile versions of most web sites (including this one). still, it's worth sharing the love, even if it's not a huge amount of love.