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Monday, January 7, 2013

Sobering infographic regarding Rape & Convictions

This comes from The Enliven Project and is based on stats from the Department of Justice and the FBI.  While not perfect, it does represent part of the stigma, uncertainty, and lack of access to getting justice many rape victims face regarding either 1) their decision not to report, or 2) their actual inability to report. Keep in mind that some victims may be limited by age, disability, or other situations, from being physically or emotionally able to report. It also bears noting that the "killing" of that effective program, VAWA, or "Violence Against Women Act" by the GOP-held House of Representatives, takes away some of the resources that enabled women to get the assistance from our justice system needed to put their abusers and/or rapists away.  And why? Because there was a feeling that the new bill, if authorized, would expand assistance to too many people--such as Native Americans or people who are in this country without documentation.  As if some people's victimization was worth less. As if their lives and physical and mental well-being were worth less.

I will note, because I've read comments regarding these stats in other fora, that the two people represented in the lower right are indicated as being "falsely accused", which is not the same as "falsely convicted". This may include persons falsely convicted, but it may also indicate situations where a rape did occur, but there was a case of mistaken identity where no conviction took place. This has no bearing on the seriousness of the assault, or the importance of hearing victims' stories about what has happened to them, and taking those narratives seriously. Several recent stories have given us every reason to believe that there is a genuine and painfully ugly rape culture in this country and abroad, where aggression with a sexual context is accepted and victims may be demeaned or even punished  over what has happened to them. This must change.

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The Steubenville case is especially appalling because the perps seem to be shielded by law enforcement. They seriously need to "clean house" in that community- even the D.A. needs to be axed.

I think a lot of the "rape culture" is due to a generally horrible attitude toward not only women and girlsm, but to sexuality in general. There's such a warped view of sex in our society. In comments to the horrible video, people are hoping that the evil troll gets raped in prison. I hope he rots in jail for being an accessory to the crime, but I wouldn't wish rape on anyone, even a convicted felon guilty of sex crimes.

Some days, it's pretty easy to hate humanity.