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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Climate Sunday: BEST Try for Koch-Funded Study Reveals Likelihood of Manmade Cause for Global Warming

Via ThinkProgress:

The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Study (BEST) has finally published its findings on the cause of recent global warming. This Koch-funded reanalysis of millions of temperature observations from around the world, “A New Estimate of the Average Earth Surface Land Temperature Spanning 1753 to 2011,” concludes: 
… solar forcing does not appear to contribute to the observed global warming of the past 250 years; the entire change can be modeled by a sum of volcanism and a single anthropogenic [human-made] proxy.
Facts! Apparently still true no matter who pays to gather them. That's a bit of a blow to some aspects of denialism, for certain.  (Not to straight-up "can't hear you, la la la!" denialism, mind you.)  Seeing skeptics converted by the facts is pretty heartening.

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