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Friday, January 25, 2013

Are We Looking Out on the Same Universe?

Still not entirely over the Benghazi hearings from the other day, I thought it might be interesting to see what conservative writers had to say. I got to Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post and just up and stopped.

See, in liberal-land, it kind of looked like Secretary of State Clinton left shoe-prints on the posteriors of several of the questioners that day, who mostly looked like they were interested in grandstanding and not really directly inquiring about any real security failures or what was being done about them, instead concentrating on what information might have been put out early on during Sunday morning chat shows. Sen. Rand Paul, in particular, brought up an odd conspiracy-themed tidbit about guns being run out of the CIA annex from Libya to Turkey:

Which should paint him as a bit of an oddball. You'd think. Where's his basis for it? And yet here is Rubin:

UPDATE (11:50 a.m.): There was also this eye-popping moment in which Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) showed why he is so formidable.
"Formidable." Is trolling considered the height of competence now?

Anyway, one thing I hope is that, with any luck, people paying attention are disabused of the idea that Obama and Clinton were watching the assault on the consulate via real-time video.  But I'm not that hopeful, in a world where Rand Paul is....formidable.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

My favorite bit was when Randall said that, if he were president, he would have fired Sec. Clinton. I really wanted her to give Rand the Barney Frank treatment.

upyernoz said...

they are in their own universe and it's fun watching their utter confusion at the fact that the majority of the country did not see the benghazi hearings like they did. my favorite is ace of spade's reaction (and roger ailes' response to ace is pretty good too)