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Thursday, December 6, 2012

2016: Obama's America-- Too Commercial, Seriously.*

Dinesh D'Souza and the others who have worked on the 2016 film--no disrespect, but you have to know that you're making a huge mistake mentioning box office as your rationale for why your film deserved a nomination, right? Because honestly, we all know what the deal is, don't we?

Exactly. Too commercial. A movie about a presidential candidate, let alone a president, during an election year? Hello, obviousness! And then, have your director/spokesguy be the well-known conservative intellectual Dinesh D'Souza? Really? With that kind of star-power, obviously your going to fill seats, but why is he supposed to grab people cinematically? Because he's so darn photogenic? Because he can ask questions of people who don't really know Obama, the president, so much as are tangentially-related to his life?

Oh, p'shaw! Dinesh D'Souza wasn't there to self-aggrandize, and he knows it--but he got in the way of his own production by being just that much of a sexy beast. You know, for my $8 at matinee times, I think you could've gotten someone more schlubby and everyman like David Limbaugh. There are people who don't even know Rush has a brother in the business. He would be sort a Clint Howard/off-the-wall niche choice. That's the kind of balls Oscar notices.

Also--Obama conspiracy theory? Without sex appeal?  You have to understand that this business has changed. This isn't the 1950's. People want skin. I remember in 1993, I saw Harvey Keitel's wanger in like, three different movies. They were all really classy ones, too.  So, seriously, you need to have someone dangerous, maybe someone who'll whip it out, like a Ted Nugent or a Larry Craig. Not in a sick-puppy way. No. In a very necessary, cinematic way. But again--in a film that's not about the current president.

You know what Oscar likes? Period stuff. Maybe D'Souza and them could look back at the Clinton years for inspiration. You know, like the very popular "body count" oevre. And investigate why tacky documentaries don't necessarily do anything to bring down a popular president who has good policies everyone likes. Or they could go get stuffed. That's another thing they could do.

(On edit: Uh, the beginning is definitely written tongue-in-cheek. I've been in a weird mood lately.)

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

There's another reason Dinesh didn't get nominated by the Academy.

I almost hate myself for liking that scene.