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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heh Heh Propinquity--Pat Robertson and the Ten Commandments

See, although your Old Testament might show that adultery is one of the ten things God said you really, really, shouldn't do, Pat Robertson, like the anything goes hippy scoundrel he is, understands why if you were General Petraeus, you'd really want to hit that ass. Because really, what choice do you even have, if you are a man with a penis? Like, free will and shit?

BWWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! You are a dude with a penis. Shut up you should tap that hell out of that.  Pat  Robertson says and it's not like he's a sleazeball plutocrat; patrirachy-reinforcing peddler of nonsense from the dangers of Halloween candy to the susceptibility of all us for living where the gays and Democrats and feminists and all'em can make God send Hurrycanes! Like 9/11's.  For giving money to the ACLU and getting divorced and all the things that--

Okay--long story short, Pat Robertson has been blaming shit on me, personally, as the person who ended my marriage, started practicing witchcraft, and taking birth control. I'm kind of fed up with it. I went to atheism--no good.  I switched to PFAW for my donations--nada. And yet somehow, I think adultery is bad faith you shouldn't have with your spouse--you should totally talk it out and see where you stand on that--

Robertson is all like "Men cheat".

Who's permissive?

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