Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Already thinking about 2016

I really am. You know, I think Jeb Bush is the "fetch" of politics. They keep trying to make that happen. It won't. (I think. Give me a good reason it should.) Santorum is Santorum. Marco Rubio could catch on, if he does anything to make himself stand out besides fitting a demographic category. And on the Democratic side, I don't really know if Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden would even want to run, not to say they are chronologically advanced, but...

My personal opinion is that no one can hope to have anything constructive to say about 2016 until after the mid-terms. Seriously. There will be a much better vantage for seeing the lay of the land, and the dramatis personae who will matter in 2016 will have taken shape better. Alrthough I'm already hearing 2016 stuff--the only thing that interests me is that the Ames poll will be dropped from the Iowa primary.

That's kind of cool. It really doesn't say anything about what will happen in the primary, either--it just says "Here's who paid attention to the Ames poll."  Meh.

Warren/O'Malley 2016, or something. Magic 8 Ball says picture hazy, try again.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I think now is the time for the Democratic leadership to groom a capable female candidate. With her gubernatorial and cabinet experience, I'd like to see Kathleen Sebelius being proposed as a candidate.

Just to make wingnuts' heads explode, I think Hilary should be nominated for a seat on the Supreme Court when Ruth Bader-Ginsberg decides to retire.

Zach said...

Some people are speculating it might be San Antonio mayor Julian Castro.