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Monday, September 24, 2012

"Revolution"--Are you Watching This?

So, I'm halfway into the second episode of Revolution, and am pretty hooked on the concept of a post-electricity era as a study in what it means to be human in relationship to our technology. Human beings are tool-using mammals, but in the advent of the electric age, we have become something near to gods:

Rockets to the moon--a Mars-landing of an information-gathering robot? What? You have a phone--or are even reading this blog from a phone, that Alexander Graham Bell would think was magic. My job during the day is impossible without telephones and computers. My social life is more or less computer-assisted. My world is surrounded by technology.  How about you?

Our humanity, or what sets us apart from the natural world in some respects, is our capacity for invention--our technology. That our species adapted gripping hands that could grasp tools, the forward-looking eyes to launch missiles like arrows or spears, the oral ability to convey knowledge--to build the society we have, is extraordinary--but if it was taken away, and we were left with the gripping hands, the vision, the language, and the memory--

And the knowledge that things didn't work like they should?

Humans would still try to be making things work. They would still be using whatever tools that came to hand.

It's pretty deep stuff. That I'm enjoying means it probably won't last past this season going by my track-record with watching shows and their longevity, but really--I recommend it.

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