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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rep. Brown of Michigan Makes Religious case Against MI Abortion Law--Refers to Vagina.

Now, if you watch that clip, you'll note that the majority of Rep. Lisa Brown's comments was a case against the drastic anti-abortion law being considered in Michigan--from the point of view of a religious tradition.  But of course, the part of her speech that got singled out was where she made reference to her vagina. She was barred from speaking on the floor today based on her using the medically correct term for a part of the female anatomy.  Apparently, the GOP representatives felt that it's all very well to make laws about women's body parts, but it is offensive to talk about them or confront the point of view of the people who might actually have them.

It is also, I note, tangentially, forbidden to suggest that more than one faith tradition exists in this country, and that such laws, made on behalf of other faith traditions, might produce a moral conflict. Such laws are never brought forward with respect for the real people, the women, the vagina-having people, the people who have pregnant bodies, regardless of their faith, creed, or etc. Oh, no. The very loudest people, the kind of people who scream "slut" at women's health clinic patients, and threaten the workers in those places, the people who  would give the vote to the sperm if you let them--they have spoken, and contributed, and written the bills in semi-literate and unscientific scrawl.

What further input could these noble life-supporting GOP legislators wish for?

Certainly not the interjection of such dirty words as "vagina"--dirty? Offensive? I'm not sure why they despise the vagina, but I and my vagina are not exactly heart-broken over their disdain.  If they truly believe that vaginas are dirty, though, maybe they should keep clear of them, huh? And making legislation about them, and their near-kindred, the uterus and ovaries, also, too.

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