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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Joe Friday Re: Right Wing Militias.

I don't have cable, so one of the things I've been watching regularly is reruns of classic television on Antenna TV.  I enjoy it because old television is kind of a time capsule of "The Way We Were", but also, sometimes it reminds us of things that don't change. Because I'm a big fan of police procedurals (CSI, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, etc.) I really like looking back at shows like Dragnet and Adam-12. Anyway, there was an episode of Dragnet I saw recently that fascinated me, because it involved a right-wing militia operating mostly out of the southwest running stolen guns. It reminded me a lot of the types of folks David Neiwert covered in The Eliminationists, actually, and reminded me the type had been with us awhile. Anyway, Joe Friday (Jack Webb) talked about where he stands politically, and I just found it interesting:

I kind of said "Right on" at the tv. So, I thought I'd share the clip since I found it on YouTube.

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