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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Open Letter To PETA--

This nearly knocked the pork rinds out of my hands.

Your advertisement for veganism seems to indicate that hurting women is a desirable thing, and that a woman who was physically harmed by violent love-making would be interested in risking her body again. You aren't promulgating the adoption of a lifestyle that is better for the poor wee animals that would otherwise be eaten if this woman's partner were still eating meat, or showing how he might benefit in many non-violent ways. You're promulgating a view that equates sex with violence and actually implies that rough and harmful sexual encounters are desireable--a view which makes life worse for the female primates (like myself)who go about our being-female way on this planet.

I understand that being shocking gets you guys eyeballs and publicizes your "concern". I'm dead-set against many factory-farm procedures and despise the cruelty in much of the meat industry, myself. I'm an educated meat-eater and former vegan--and this ad made me sick.

Stop exploiting human beings if you care about living things you damn, dumb, fucking knobs. Violence against women isn't funny or interesting; it's a real thing that happens everyday. You aren't being provacative in a way that benefits your cause or makes people think--you just espoused sexual violence!

Get real, or get gone.

Not really yours, but respectfully,


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