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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wow. Michele Bachmann's campaign.

I thought of posting yesterday when Bachmann's Iowa chair, Kent Sorenson, literally went from a Bachmann event to endorsing Ron Paul at one of his events within hours. It struck me then that sometimes, maybe, one might get hints from the universe that now is just not the right time to be running for president.  Sometimes it's just the little things, like Bob Vander Plaats' asking her to drop out of the race (which I totally think he did, and I am pretty interested in whether he was looking for a little quid pro quo from candidates regarding his endorsement, too), and then sometimes it's bigger things, like the superPAC that's supposedly raising money to support Bachmann's campaign funding a Mitt Romney ad.

And now, a second campaign staffer, Wes Enos, has jumped ship, after stating he was staying with the campaign just yesterday. As far as a chain of events goes, this one is definitely signalling that her campaign is on its knees, a far cry from her Ames straw poll win a couple months back. But just take a gawking gander for a minute at her rationale for what all is going on, here:

In an interview on FOX News, Bachmann said that Sorenson had told her and others in her campaign that "he had been offered money, a lot of money by the Ron Paul campaign."

"This is really about the Ron Paul campaign," she added. "They are nervous because their momentum has gotten stalled."

Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll in August but then fell out of contention.
(Emphasis, mine.)  Current polls show Ron Paul either close to or a few points ahead of Mitt Romney for the Iowa caucus. Michele Bachmann hasn't been a threat in Iowa since Rick Perry entered the race, and he's not even doing so good as when he started taking the mouthbreathing god-botherer vote away from her (looks like they are going towards Santorum, at this point). For that lack of self-awareness, it's no wonder her campaign is going south in a fast hurry. Also, too, iTeleprompter.

She's not making it past South Carolina, is my bet.

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