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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So, why can't my president have nice things?

I went out of my way in 2008 to make sure I was voting for the person I thought would do the best job. I chose Barack Obama. I was a fan of his from 2004. He seemed like a very reasonable person, for an Illinois state legislator, who I learned, had interestingly enough been born in Hawai'i. He gave a very good speech at the DNC, and I expected I would see him again in higher office, someday. I thought he would became a very respected elder stateman senator, in the vein of Teddy Kennedy, then, because I just didn't think he'd so quickly (if ever) choose to run for president after becoming a senator from Illinois--but I was glad he did.

I am pissed when people tell me my president, who I have respected for this long, can't have nice things. He can't have legitimacy. He can't have citizenship. He can't have his academic acheivements.

And now, he can't have being the guy whose administration put Osama bin Laden in the history pages, to never again be current events? Because poser after poser on the right wants to give credit to George W. Bush (and so close the the 8th anniversary of "Mission Accomplished", also, too. How sweet.)

This one, people--Obama earned. He earned this in front of our very eyes. He told us during the 2008 (hell, as early as 2007) that he was going to concentrate on getting Osama. And he did.

This is why the noisome speeches of the Palins, who just credit Bush, or the Krauthammers, who think this somehow happened organically via military without any leadership from a C-in-C, or the absolute jugheads like Judson Phillips, who ridiculously believes Obama not only had bin Laden nailed to coincide with Trump's reality show, but that he screwed it up because other people, like, for example, one Judson Phillips, can still say dumb, biased things about what happened.   Or my former Senator, Rick Santorum, who burbled on about representing God and doesn't actually seem to understand that the current Commander in Chief, whose decision just bumped off one considerable threat/antagonist to US interests-completely represented the US in that action. He avenged our fallen. No, it doesn't correspond with my higher ideals of how people should be brought to actual, court-based, justice--

But for this guy, bin Laden, I will make an exception--an American Exception.  The attack on the sovereign state of Pakistan to get the guy who did us wrong is actually a thing I can't even conceive of another nation pulling off. Why does anyone need Obama to say the actual words "American exceptionalism" to realize that he actually understands that our power and privilege amongst nations is unique? He put Osama bin Laden away because that was the boogeyman that haunted the American psyche and made us seem impotent--which led us to fight in a war of attrition to assert our economic/military might over Iraq, and to fuck about in Afghanistan for a decade.
The vision that pulled this off was all Obama's. The claim that Bush had a lot to do with it crumbles in the face of facts. Bush walked away from the challenge.

It astonishes me that people dislike Obama so much they won't let him have anything.


Betty Cracker said...

Amen. I'm pretty sure Obama is used to this kind of crap, so hopefully it doesn't bother him. If the economy improves sufficiently, it's entirely possible Obama will get reelected and go on to become one of the most respected and beloved presidents in history. Wouldn't that cause the wingnut screechers to choke on their own bile? Another reason to hope for it.

Anonymous said...

brother, are you kidding me?
Obama ,bush and binladin is the same shit. America created binladen and 11 september attack!
its time to se reality and the shit thats going on!