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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Florida: About to be full of Shit?

Via Jonathan Turley's site, a weird thing Florida wants to do with their "treated human waste" and "food people will actually be eating".  Here it is:

...After a heavy lobbying effort by industry, Florida is about to rescind a ban on the use of human waste to treat crops. Soon more than 90 companies will be pumping waste from about 100,000 septic tanks on to their fields — an estimated 40 million gallons treated with lime.

Only last year, the last year, the legislature banned the use of such waste under the strong advice of public health experts. When “land application” was used, it was destroying not only Florida’s waterways but harming eco-tourism.

Now, companies have succeeded in reviving “land application” starting in 2016 in the House. HB 1479, which lifts the ban, passed by a one-sided vote of 89-25.
Ew. Ew. Ew. Yeah, well Florida also is extra-special regarding what all is in the water. Which leads me to believe that by "treated human waste" we could be seeing "who the fuck is checking this?"  human waste. With an e.coli outbreak soon to appear near you! 

Naturally, if you are Galtian enough, you are not in Florida but your own little Galt's gulch where you've been subsistence farming long enough to get the knack of it, so maybe this doesn't matter to you, and if you did have to condescend to rewarding other people's mooching by subsidizing their playing at making food for people to eat, you already have a kit to test for the safety of your own food which you use with great frequency and could probably find out for yourself before you ate a bad, poopy orange and developed the kind of kidney failure thousands of other moochers would have to go on collectivist social medicine for!  Or, like, die! Because bootstraps! And because such testing is obviously like cake! Everyone with the means should totally be testing their own food for e.coli--amirite?

But if you were just a regular person, yeah, there is a risk of probably e. coli getting into your food chain and totally killing you now. Thanks Florida. Home of oranges. You know, I used to associate Florida oranges with Anita Bryant, and now with poo. I know that isn't a big difference, but, still.


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