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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sideshow Don keeps pimping Birtherism.

Um--any journalist who gives a shit about their own credibility would shut this egomaniacal ass down. He's spouting all kinds of bullshit direct from WND. What's up with that?

This is so dumb. Barack's mom was an American citizen--he's a citizen. There is no reason to believe his mother,a pregnant teenager, had the scratch to afford to take a jet to Kenya. Donald is being an asshole. What he's saying about the budget is also asshole. But really--Meredith Viera?

 You gave Sideshow Don a platform. He's an idiot. He's talking about campaigning, not policy. He's talking about vague shit, not policy. He's a shithead with a fucking tv show and some real estate, and yes, everyone on earth would be laughing if this dumbhaired millionaire POS was elected president. It would mean we finally were a reality-show cartoon of a country. No real people left. Just stupidity. When does this egomaniacal fool trip on his own tongue and just go full-on racist--

Oh wait--I heard tell he said the grandparents of Barack Obama, meaning the American parents of his American Momma, put his name in the birth announcements of the local papers to make him seem legit for--welfare.

Oh, Sideshow Donald. That's so...racialist, if not racist. Are you sure?

Anyway, on the Meredith Viera interview, even Matt Lauer was giggling about her interview, so you know.

It's shit. They all know it.  When does Big T get called out?

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