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Friday, April 15, 2011

The House Passed the Ryan Budget Bill

Probably because of the seriousness.

Because when you only have 4.3 trillion in budget cuts vs. 4.2 trillion in tax cuts, you might have to wait a long while before you see success--

But the GOP believes it is totally worth it.

And every little scrap, every detail, that the GOP House voted for, is something they have ideologically determined to be part of their vision for America--which includes dismantling Medicare. 

Of course, this was passed along party lines.   This means that only nearly all the Republicans and absolutely none of the Democrats thought dismantling Medicare and endorsing a flawed budget bill was the right thing to do. I'm not exactly polishing John Boehner's House Minority Leader plaque, but...

Just sayin'.

Also, Sen. Reid says this thing will never pass the Senate--

You give'em hell, Harry.  I say this is the GOP's albatross. Republicans will be boring wedding guests with how this sunk them for ages.*

*Regards to Coleridge.

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