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Friday, March 11, 2011

Note to Future Targets of James O'Keefe

In view of the weird little so-called "sting" against the allegedly liberal--leaning NPR, and considering the sheer wankery involved in his ACORN "sting"  and his creepy attempt at "punking" a CNN reporter, might I suggest two simple steps for responding to finding that your agency or business has just been the target of one of young James' adventures in Jackass Journalism:

1)  Tell the complete and unvarnished truth:

"James O'Keefe is a biased and unethical serial liar who has no serious credibility. Being targeted by such a conniving, self-interested nuisance is proof I must be doing something effective, so I will continue about my business, because O'Keefe is a total shit weasel."

2) Apologize:

To shit and to weasels, because that's actually a pretty unfair comparison.

That is all.

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aggie95 said...

Hmmmmm tell the truth about their effort to get housing for hookers and smuggled underage girls and how they hate white middle class Republicans and the jews ....O.K. I agree ....lets see how it works out for them