Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Best of the Worst 2012--new tag for an old bag

From examining the tea leaves of the blogosphere, I'm beginning to get the very definite idea that the possible GOP contenders are starting to move to the inevitable "actually being candidates" stage, and some may even announce the intent to run in mere weeks. That being the case, I want to do my part at gathering a file of the awfullest, the lowest, the most pandering, and the foot-in-mouthiest bits from the probable 2012 hopefuls. Insofar as I think the GOP, as they stand right now, Tea Party-afflicted, corporate-funding-addicted, and dead-set on running with social conservative wedges rather than sound policy ideas, are right now "The Worst", the primary survivor will be the King (or Queen) of the Koch-heads, the Mahoff of Madoffs, the Mayor of Mediocrity, the Leader of the PAC (money). Quite simply, in a party where the best candidates will all be ex-something or others and all will have to become professional panderers--I dub their contest "The Best of the Worst 2012".

One candidate to rule them all, one candidate to lead them. To these weary eyes, the season of the silly is again in bloom. So I will be gathering the stinking rosebuds where I may.

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