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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A new reproductive-rights horror- H.R. 358

This is exceptionally anti-female-bodied person law.  It would enable health-care establishments like hospitals and the doctors themselves to deny abortion services to the female-bodied person who was likely to die if such medical intervention was not provided--

In other words, this is the "Let Pregnant Folks Die Act".  I think if this should get approved, we need the following act, "The Mandatory Bereaved/Apology Act", where anyone who let a female-bodied person actually die for the benefit of hir fetus*, must apologize and explain to that person's loved ones. hir parents.  hir significant other, hir friends, hir co-workers. Just so that they realize that zie was a real person who gave a uterus-having life up to give birth to....possibly even a girl-child who might also get impregnated and so on. But it's very important to me that if you let a pregnant person die, you should  completely understand--this was a person.
*Edit to add, that the services that might be denied, won't necessarily save the fetus, because, well, obvious.  Which I think makes the whole exercise even sicker.

I hate everything this bill is about. It's unacceptable, and a sign of more b.s. to come.  I say we deserve better.

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