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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Billionaire Koch Brothers are Protested--maybe people are catching on.

These energy company billionaires are believed to be substantially funding the Right, who are more and more anti-climate change science and environmental protection all the time. Hmm.

Is it conceivable that the way the country's policies seem to skew in ways that would most favor the privilege of an energy-company billionaire, have anything to do with rules and laws that would enable energy company billionaires to filter bunches of money into a system in an almost wholly anonymous way that would then spread misinformation and propaganda? If you say "No, I can't imagine any such connection"--really? I worry about you.

Because this.

Because this.

Because this.

It really starts to look like a pattern, doesn't it?

Acorn was funded by grassroots. It didn't have any millionaires, let alone billionaires behind it. They practically folded because their funds dried up, and the poor people they served got nada. And yet somehow, the groups  (Cato, Heritage, various Tea Parties, and whatever Ginni Thomas is involved in,* for some reason) benefiting the wealthy, stay really flush with cash. Hmm. It's almost like them that's got are preserving their "got privilege". By spreading the wealth to people who will try and make them wealthier.

Hmm. I'm ready to propose "Eat Koch or Die" Act of 2011, where we decide to tax them, specifically, at the top marginal rate under Eisenhower, so they have less disposable income for the purpose of supposing that there are disposable people. Which would be a real revenue-enhancement for the budget. Which would be great for the deficit, amirite?  And might inhibit various streams of corruption.

* Think I'm fooling about that? Then look here.

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