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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Coming Decade: I'm calling it--The Environment is the Big Issue

One of the issues I intend to regularly feature on my blog in the coming year is the environment.  I mean to take a hard look at climate/environmental studies, and to follow closely any actions of the US congress regarding the climate. My understanding is that climate change may be a topic of a House inquiry, and that the US House may also seek to limit or even eliminate the EPA. These ideas are of real concern.

Regarding a hearing on climate science--I genuinely question the validity of a politically-motivated inquiry, but am at least somewhat hopeful that the findings could, in good faith, be revelatory, and lead to a broader understanding and appreciation of what is at stake. And yet, I have a long, deep cynical vein that carries that bad blood of witnessing political spectacles that really didn't go anywhere. I think it would be great if climate change got a truly honest going-over. But I know that the court of public opinion can be contaminated with propaganda and that even in ideal circumstances, too much detail can actually be a distraction to simple facts being understood.

But regarding an elimination of the EPA, or any push to further deregulate the energy industries--Oh....My....Green.....Goddess....WHAT!!!!???

Didn't this:

from just this past year, teach us anything about the impact of slipshod and not-especially-well-regulated energy industries?

Well, maybe not, since I don't think enough of the information available went mainstream--which is why, even though my blog has next to no traffic, I'm going to link to those sorts of stories, even if it just has to be like an "info-dump". It can't hurt for me to get the word out there, right?  And if it helps? Well, good for me. Good for the planet I live on--which would be....good for all of us, another planet not being readily available, right? So I'll bang the drum just a little louder on Halliburton and Koch Industries. And even local news stories like what governors are jeopardizing their states' residents well-being with poor energy deals.

I really think this is the one thing we all will really need to keep an eye on in the coming year(s). And I encourage whatever readers I get to pass along information they see as vital, and I will try to post to activism links also.

The personal is political, and all politics is local. My location is this planet, and I take its well-being very personally.

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