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Friday, November 12, 2010

WTF--I get to like Cindy McCain for an hour?

So, I just complete a post linking to a pretty good PSA from NO H8, which I think is good and all that, and then I go to Americablog and I have to think, what, now?

I'm holding off on calling her a hater--just for a minute. I wasn't speculating about what was going on in her house regarding that. And I'm still not speculating about anything, except that participating in that video took more effort on her part than a Tweet after the fact. I'm not going to pretend I know where her heart lies, or what pressure anyone might be putting on her.

I pointed out that what I thought was the biggest part of her speaking out was the difference in position she was directly taking from her husband's. I don't think she was unaware of his position when she did the spot, and I don't know that she's necessarily trying to have it two ways--

I do know there is one person in that family famous for trying to have things two ways and who might think she needed to take it back. And until and unless anyone sets me straight on the matter, I am going to be ignorant and say I know what I suspect.

And if you know what I have posted about John McCain, you know what I suspect, and I don't have to write it out.

And she deserves better than that, and has my support if she wants it. But it would be nice if she un-volte face'd her volte face.

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