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Friday, November 19, 2010

This is a creepy thing people are doing about The Royal Engagement--

I've been seeing these really weird features lately that compare Kate Middleton, Prince William's fiancee, to his mother, the late Princess Diana. Their clothes, their personalities, how her wedding will compare to Charles and Diana's--and seriously?

That's messed-up. They are two totally different people. One was Prince William's mother. The other will be his wife. Princess Diana was widely admired, but at times dangerously and intrusively so, and was hounded out of a private life or even death.

Psst, Media? A word--Don't do this. Let her be her own person--because having her compete with a person who is no longer with us, is just a little....morbid. Unfair. And demeaning, in that it says "Here's a role you can play--dress up in these costumes and we'll pose you." She's a person--not a princess doll to dress up, nor a replacement royal celebrity-toy that you can move about and perhaps break.

(EDIT: I tried to put paragraph breaks in, but Blogger just kept eating them. Yesterday, Blogger wouldn't let me cut and paste. And yet when I view the html, the < / div > tags are all where they should be.)
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