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Friday, October 29, 2010

NOM: Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Being asked direct questions about what they think will happen or how marriage equality will affect their lives seems to derail their narrative, as if they actually didn't base their discrimination on any empirical foundation at all. Why, you would begin to think that that maybe they'd like to answer: "Because Jesus and the voices in my head said so, amen." It's affectingly shallow. I have to shed a tear for the very old woman who wondered how anyone was going to have babies in a future where, I guess in her mind, everyone was compulsorily gay, and nobody was straight anymore. Which is really weird, because she seems to deny that "opposite sex" attraction ever occurs naturally, either.

They are like slingshot afficcionados residing in GlassHouse Plaza. I don't think they can fire off at people for too long without the whole dumb pretense of their "concern about the future" and the "sanctity of marriage" finally coming off as the veneer they used to legitimize real hate for very long. And I hope the glass house shatters. Some of them might get over themselves. Some might accept who they are. And some sociopathic others will probably continue to suck, but with way less resources. And that resourceless, hapless few, is a bigotry I can tolerate. One that reminds of how foolish so many people used to be, and reminds us of how we don't need to let that past affect how we conduct our future.

In other words: Here's to the future of a smaller, dumnber NOM--the bigoted exception that might not prove the rule, but makes one hell of a case for it, by turning off thinking people, and creeping out anyone else. Your dumbness, NOM, for once gives me hope that the smart people will win.

Or that love will actually win.

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