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Monday, October 18, 2010

Feels like another Haterade post is due.

Everything makes me cranky lately. I don't have anything particular to blame. One hell of a stupid election year, though. On the other hand, it gives me so much material. Of the kind that makes me wonder if the world has lost its everloving mind.

Joe Miller and Freedom of the Press: On Two Different Wavelengths.

So, um, Joe Miller is a lawyer/farmer from Kansas who decided, after fishing and unemployment and getting all in trouble for politicking with public property didn't work out the way he planned with his monstrous personal debt, that he really wanted to be the Senator from the last frontier. He just didn't want to answer questions about stuff. So his hired thugs with alleged Blackwater connections (eyes a-rolling) roughed up a reporter in a throng of folks, who used his "outside" voice to ask questions that Joe Miller did not want to answer at an event where he described the Berlin wall as a good model of things we could do about immigration. Which would be creepy, dumb, and the sort of thing that should make bunches of people think Joe Miller was a very bad person. But no one can spell Murkowski, Scott McAdams is funny and bright and a class act, and damn it, this year being openly despicable actually doesn't seem to be as much of a problem for candidates as it used to be.

Take, for example Sharon Angle, the First Asian Legislator in the NV State....whatever.

Anyone can point to wacky things that Sharron Angle has said about the color black or demons, or how maybe the stock photo of Mexicans in Mexico her campaign used in a somewhat racist ad regarding immigration implied she was racist and then she kind of backtracked and apropos of I guess rumors about the 9/11 attackers surmised that the brown people could just as easily be Arab-types from Canada. Looking for ridiculous in Sharron Angle's campaign is genuinely like shooting fish in a barrel, at close range, with a very good gun, and very big barrel, and a whole lot of fish. But I think telling an Hispanic student group that some of them looked Asian and making up being called an Asian legislator was oddly disconnected from the things normal people would say in public where people would hear. The poll numbers are really close in the NV senate race, though.

Because Democrats can sometimes Fumble, or is it More like Taking a Knee?

Let's take a look at a little gamble made by Jack Conway against Rand Paul that has Paul the younger so very butthurt he can't even civilly debate, let alone describe what his....viewpoints are, or the policies he supports could be. (Note to Rand--really, just hire thugs. If Joe Miller can why not you? And he's probably putting it on a credit card.) Paul's pissed at this ad:

Huh? Why, that isn't questioning Paul's religion, exactly, is it? Not unless he seriously was a devotee of the Aqua Buddha, which, like Pastafarianism, I take to be a bit of a lark. No, I think Rand Paul's Christian(ist) bona fides are left intact, while his reputation takes a hit more because kidnapping, bong hits, and open blasphemy at frickin' Baylor passes flaky into the category of weird as all hell, and implies he had some seriously poor judgement.

But is the ad effective--or is it evil? Is it really a malicious ad hom? Would I put it in the same category as Liddy Dole's "Godless" ad of two years ago?

Not exactly. He's not going after religion but credibility. It's ad hom, but I think it's not exactly the despicable kind. But I do think it's a distraction from the issues, where Paul is really weak and looks like just enough of a kook based ideas alone. And it gives Paul a momentary opportunity to try and act offended and attacked and indignant and maybe he wouldn't look like such a whiny baby if he didn't also threaten to not debate Conway again because discussion of ideas hurts him since his aren't any good because he's too upset. Very very upset. Handshake-denying upset. THE VERY WORST KIND!

Where was I? Oh, yeah, Hateration. Which reminds me: John McCain is always one of my Least-Favorite People.

He just keeps signifying on this issue. Yes, John, we know. You very much don't want teh gheys in the military unless every last person in the military cries out that they don't just want them, they need them because we are fighting wars in places where you kind of need all the competent willing help you can get. Is he that sure Arizona is mostly elderly homophobes with skin like distressed leather and a constant need to reaffirm heternormative gender differentiation and its place in a well-oiled but not-always properly lubricated military machine? Next stop, putting girl-army people back in skirts. DinosaurMan, lead, evolve, or go extinct already.

There! I got some Haterade out and I feel a little better!

I didn't even have to talk about Cheney not apologizing to the elderly lawyer he shot in the face.

Or how Palin uses the same phrase "man-up" regarding GOP support for basically loserly Teabagger candidates as Sharron Angle used in her debate against Harry Reid, and not too long after her own "cojones" quip about Obama.

Let me translate that shit into the LOLCAT in which it was thought:

Hah hah, fucking hah. Ballz are great. Mens has them. Ladiez do not. Therefore we call Democratz the ladiez and we r the manly mens, even tho we iz girlz. Becuz GOP=Ballz. The End.

And we're supposed to think Palin is feminist why, again?

Anyway, I'm out. Game over man, game over. And other apocalyptic hipster ways of signing off a goddamn negative post.

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