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Saturday, September 11, 2010

I wasn't going to tap a bile duct today, but Neil Cavuto--eat a fist!

Wow. There was the first lady, talking about how individuals found the courage to act in a certainly deadly situation on a pretty solemn occasion, and he has to interject that nine whole years ago, her husband was like "Who?" and the idea of him being president was like "What?"

Neil Cavuto, I will give you nine years to see if you can figure out how to get your slack ass into the Oval Office as your job. You go from being a State Rep. wherever you live to the White House. You figure out what people care about, and try to respond to that in such a consistent way that you have the kind of political respect where people just know, like John Kerry just knew, that you can send an important message that represents your party, and maybe even the future of this country.

Now, maybe, to be fair, Cavuto was merely remarking on how things change over nine years, how time passes, how in a way a major event like 9/11 freezes us in a specific place and time, and in some corner of our minds, it is always 9/11 and George W. Bush is POTUS and someone like Barack Obama is just a charismatic figure waiting in the wings of history--not yet an apparent historical mover. But I can't necessarily credit him for being that deep. Seemed a little to me like he just needed to hear himself talk over the First Lady, who is not currently married to a nobody, and who I submit is obviously by no means a nobody in her own right, herself being a person of eloquence, relatability, style, intelligence, and the kind of thoughtful dignity a person with any kind of journalistic instincts wouldn't cut away from.

I would further submit this is an example of the problem with the current state of news media--too much personality, not enough journalism. The legacy of 9/11 is now taken up by a new White House Administration, and although Michelle Obama is not an elected figure nor a selected cabinet member--she is the single closest confidante of the current President, and she is herself one hell of a spokeswoman for the goals of this Administration. She reminds me terribly of Hillary Clinton--a spouse as capable and compelling as the Presidential husband, as passionate, involved, and well-spoken, as much a person to keep an eye on.

Tone-deaf Cavuto had to break in. Michelle Obama--who was she nine years ago?

Nine years ago she was a person who nine years later would be one of the most interesting and inspiring people we know. Shut up, man, and let us hear her speak!

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