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Friday, September 17, 2010

Citizens United Makes One for the Ladiez

Wow. I sometimes cross my legs properly and even shave'em--can my liberal ass be a real female? A "feminine" female? With real working lady-parts and everything? Is being a liberal less "feminine"? Am I butch, now? A gender-traitor? Am I a gender-traitor if I think Michele Bachmann is a back-bench bomb-throwing hack of the Newt Gingrich school, and that Ann Coulter is a cultural opportunist?

My not having children is a political act regarding the economy, the environment and the reality that it wasn't the choice for me--and that choice is a valid choice for many other women, also, and a political one for them, and one I'll stand up for.

It's astonishing to me that Michele Bachmann's crazy-ass Constitutional questioning of the authority of the Constitution to allow the Government to do anything was the lead-in--anything not explicitly forbidden is allowed as approved by Congress. She's in the Congress. You'd think she would know that. The puzzled look of one Tim Geithner was the frustration of not knowing one good way to tell a dumbass, "Look, idiot, the Constitution doesn't need something spelled out for all and any contigincies." And maybe chivalry, as in, it's so very hard to tell a nice lady she is so very, very wrong when one is a properly raised young man.

But me, I'm a bitch, so, I'll point out that Michele Bachmann doesn't know what she's talking about. Almost ever. And like a lot of these conservafems, she relies on the soft bigotry of lowered expectations to carry her along, fact and apology-free. If it wasn't for a sense of something like chivalry (that only could exist where the female is the "weaker sex") would the weak, or crazy, or rabid, things some conservative women say, slip through the media filter.

And I'm looking at women like Amy Siskind when I say, gender isn't enough. My support, and the support of any woman as a political candidate, for another begins and ends with whether we think she is the best possible candidate. And a woman who disregards my reproductive rights, or those of my fellow females, doesn't get my vote. One who doesn't appreciate my labors as a worker, my access to benefits, my needs when I retire, does not get my vote. One who doesn't acknowledge science or the facts of history won't get my vote either. It isn't about gender--

It's about reality. I'm happy to see women in political races, but they don't do any of us any good collectively if individually, they just aren't well-prepared, smart, insightful figures.

And I can still be moral and feminine and not a victim as a liberal. I am not a victim of the conservative lie that my body is community property. I am moral without the imposition of the religious right. And I am feminine because I know what it is to be me--and maybe that is just my own subjective understanding of womanhood, but I am a born and self-identified female, and I will tell you conservafems right this minute you don't speak for all of us born and self-identified females, or simply born-females, or simply self-identified females--any one of us might have an experience we can speak from as a woman. And the conservafem viewpoint, from experience, I know doesn't speak for or even acknowledge all of us. So why would I want to support it?

I didn't like this little "Yay--girls can be stupid conservatives too!" advert. The "women" might be passionate, courageous, and whatever--but that doesn't make conservativism any better. If they are acting or speaking from fallacies, or in favor of bad policies, they are every bit as bad as any man who espouses bad ideologies and poor policies.

That would be equality. Female cons are as bad to me as any really bad conservative who was male, by virtue of espousing the same intellectual dishonesty and predictably retrograde viewpoints. I'm not sure who they were trying to "sell" with that spot. Maybe make the conservadudes feel less sexist for supporting the ladies because they are pulchritudinous?

The whole thing makes me want to burn a bra. A really uncomfortable one that pinches and is old, anyway, but still.....

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