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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Somewhat anticlimactic Beckstock.

I couldn't resist watching this on C-SPAN at my parents' house. Actually, the worst thing about it was the way it was overhyped. It was very religious-y and a little on the trite side. The gist of what Beck was on about seemed to be, "Good things are good, bad things are bad, true things are true, pray in front of people, and worship at the church of your choice." Also, America is at a crossroads, although the intersection of what and what else aren't really clear. Oh, and he is not either a fearmonger. Very bad things are gonna happen, is all! Like icebergs!

There was something of an old-time tent revival vibe. The theme was overtly about "America Returning to God." It was inclusive--white people of faith, African American people of faith, Asian people of faith....

You get the idea. Those were the people on stage, of course; the crowd itself was rather of the white and middle-aged variety. And of course there was Alveda King, who is even related to Martin Luther King, Jr, don't you know?

My family was openly snarky by the time the bagpipes started playing "Amazing Grace". It was too much. Just....too much. There was some channel-flicking and conversation, so I didn't catch everything. But I thought it was a little anticlimactic.

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