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Monday, August 2, 2010

Sarah Palin has the huevos to say "cojones", apparently.

She raises her voice a leeetle smidge to make her point that Jan Brewer, a pink elephant if there ever was one (bless her heart!) has more cojones (three?) than President Barack Obama, who was elected to his office by a fairly wide margin, I can't help but repeat, over Senator McCain and the curiously popular now-former half-term Governor from the state of Alaska, whose immigration problems are mostly....Alaskans sneaking out to get Canadian health care, I think. I don't suppose Palin has seen any Russians water-tubing over from Siberia from her porch, but anything's possible.

Interestingly, Obama's administration has done a pretty diligent job on enforcing immigration policy as it currently stands. Actually changing the policy altogether, she might possibly be aware, would be the business of Congress, which actually did not pull through for President Bush when he tried to push for conprehensive immigration reform during his administration. She might be under the impression that he simply should or could send some kind of troops to expensively baby-sit the perimeter so that Arizonans can sleep safer at night.

But this would be horseshit. Mostly because it would be expensive, and unless they enacted something like "Hands Across the Mexican Border" and formed a big-ass human chain, there still would be some porousness. Which would = FAIL. Also, since the cojone-bearing Jan Brewer has both talked up the criminality of the illegal immigrants (whilst the actual crime rates have gone down in her state) and even allowed that the legislation might not even be effectual, per se, her cojone-possession may be in question.

Actually, instead of having mas cojones, Governor Brewer kind of looks like a cartoon housewife perched on a chair, terrified that she might have seen Speedy Gonzales tear through her kitchen. (I should not say such things. Amy Siskind will think I'm sexist.)

It's possible, just possible, that the reason Obama isn't doing more has less to do with testicular fortitude, than that there just isn't all that much to immediately be done. And that the real wimpy thing would be to pander all over the place to support a somewhat b.s. talking point without much factual support. To uncritically spew pointed nonsense, and display that one is a bitter sore loser by being gratuitously insulting. Not that I'm necessarily pointing a finger at anyone!

And certain east-coast elitist left-wing bloggers might simply sniff and allow that calling out the President of one's own country for lacking gonads is fly-paper tacky. In fact, I think I would even say such a thing. If I were the sort of person who stooped to such direct calumny. But at the moment, I'm almost inclined to be better than that.

Sniff! Indeed!

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