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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dove World Church says a word. Trigger warning--racist and dumb.

If you prefer not to be exposed to racism and/or stupidity, this is not the video for you. Seek other content, my friends. But I saw this video at Gawker, which says such an awful lot about the smallish Gainesville-based church that is planning to commemorate 9/11 by burning Korans, and brings us right back to the stupidity that scorched my britches over the dumb Dr. Laura "N-Word" business. So it covers some issues I'm finding a bit more open and interesting lately.

So here goes--the very bad, no-good, messed-up "N-word" is repeated lots, here.

Just as with the Dr. Laura issue--the idea that a "double standard" exists and it should therefore be fine for any white person to use a racial slur just because some members of a group use that word is being stated.

This makes me ask questions. What does a white person want with that racial slur? What does it do for that person? How would that person employ it? One may very well wonder. Looking at that video, one wouldn't have to.

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